Beauty Claim FAQs

Frequently Asked Beauty Claim Questions

What are the risks of waxing?

Hot wax is often applied to the most sensitive parts of the body. Injuries such as burns or permanent scarring can be caused if the treatment is not carried out properly.

What are the risks of microdermabrasion facials?

The most common risk associated with microdermabrasion facials is pigmentary changes to the skin tone. Those with darker skin tones are at higher risk of this side effect.

How can eyelash & eyebrow tinting go wrong?

Permanent eyelash & eyebrow dyes can cause reactions such as granulomas (small areas of inflamed tissue) or contact dermatitis (a rash) if not carried out correctly.

What are the risks of tooth whitening?

Increased gum and tooth sensitivity which leads to pain when eating and drinking is the main risk of tooth whitening chemicals. This is a higher risk for those who already suffer from some tooth or gum sensitivity.

Can acupuncture have any unwanted side effects?

Some unwanted side effects include; worsening conditions, fatigue, soreness, bruising, muscle twitching or lightheadedness.

What are the risks of IPL hair removal?

There is a risk of the skin overheating from the light, which can cause blistering or scarring, as well as risk of infection to tender skin.

How do I claim for beauty treatment injuries?

You can start the claims process with us here. We will guide you through the process with expert advice and support on a no win no fee basis.

How much can I claim for damage from a beauty treatment?

The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on the severity and duration of your injuries. Whether you have photographic evidence, whether you have suffered emotional and psychological trauma as a result of your injuries and finally whether you had to miss work or special events as a result of your injuries. Read some examples of the compensation we’ve been able to secure for clients here.

What are the risks of sun bed tanning?

Sun beds give off UVA and UVB rays. Sunburn is mainly caused by UVB rays and both types of UV rays can cause DNA damage and lead to skin cancer.

What can I do if my beautician made a mistake during treatment?

Depending on the nature of the mistake, you may be able to return to the salon to request a refund or a correcting treatment. In all cases ensure you take photographs of an injuries before any remedial work is done, especially if you use a different salon for correction treatments. In the case of any injuries see a doctor immediately, in the case of breathing difficulties or more severe injuries go to hospital immediately.

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