Aisha called me following injuries sustained by her as a result of hot wax which was applied to her face and caused her serious burns.


Aisha had visited to her local beauty salon for an IPL treatment on her upper lip. When she arrived the therapist recommended that she undergo an alternative treatment instead. Aisha agreed to undergo a facial waxing treatment for the hair removal. Unfortunately the wax applied was too hot and the therapist did not adequately assess this prior to applying it to Aisha’s face.


Aisha suffered burns to both cheeks which became red and swollen with blistering skin. Aisha luckily had taken good photographs of the injuries straight after this procedure.

What we did:

Our medical expert concluded that Aisha had suffered with a burn injury to her face and that this was a direct result of the hot wax being applied. She was left with red marks on her face which our expert suggested would resolve within 8 months of the accident.

The defendants refused to accept liability for Aisha’s injuries and I needed to issue county court proceedings. Shortly after proceedings were issued however, the defendants agreed to settle Aisha’s claim and she was very pleased to accept the sum of £2,500.00 as compensation for her injuries.

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