Gemma telephoned me having suffered a severe allergic reaction to a beauty treatment undergone at a local beauty salon.


Gemma had visited her local salon with the intention having her eyebrows waxed. However when she was there her therapist suggested that she undergo a treatment known as HD Brows which involved waxing, threading and tinting of the brows. However the therapist did not carry out a patch test prior to the treatment and after the treatment Gemma noticed that her brow and eye area had become red.


Gemma assumed that the redness would subside, however unfortunately it didn’t and later that night she noticed increased redness, swelling and pain. Because of this she then approached her GP.

What we did:

Luckily Gemma took photographs of her face shortly after the treatment. These photographs were very useful and assisted our expert in compiling a report on Gemma’s injury. Our expert concluded that the beauty treatment had indeed led to Gemma suffering an allergic reaction to the wax and tint.

Gemma had suffered prior to the beauty treatment with psoriasis which led to some redness and general thickening of skin on various parts of her body in particular her face. However because she had wisely taken photographs of the redness and swelling to her face following the beauty treatment this was sufficient to enable the expert to conclude that the treatment had led to a further exacerbation of her skin condition. He was able to rule out psoriasis as the cause of the redness, flaking and general swelling around the eyebrow area.

The defendants denied liability for Samantha’s injuries. As a result, we issued county court proceedings. The case proceeded almost to trial, when the defendants elected to settle the case.

Samantha was delighted to accept the sum of £1,750.00 in settlement of her claim. The settlement reached did reflect the fact that Samantha had suffered with the allergic reaction for a period of approximately 6 weeks and also reflected the fact that there was some reduction for the risk of proceeding to a trial.

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