Saeeda telephoned me after having suffered serious burns and blisters to her thighs and calves after undergoing hair removal laser treatment to both legs.


Saeeda had already undergone IPL treatment to remove body hair at a different salon. She had never had this treatment at this particular salon before. The salon sadly didn’t carry out the required patch test approximately a week before Seeeda underwent the treatment. During the treatment my client felt pain, she advised the therapist that her skin was burning and that something was wrong. As Seeeda had already undergone this type of treatment before she knew that things were not right. Despite this the therapist did not turn down the strength of the laser treatment and continued with the treatment. Later on the therapist did appear to turn the machine down. Despite this the pain continued and my client left he salon very upset and in a great deal of pain.


Later that day she discovered that her legs and under her arms were significantly burned.

What we did:

I arranged for Seeeda to be seen by a medical expert who concluded that she had suffered burns to her inner thighs, lateral thighs, posterior thighs and posterior calves. Although the burn marks faded Seeeda was left with extensive hyper pigmentation over her legs.

I submitted a claim on behalf of Saeeda. The insurer for the beauty salon denied liability firmly for this injury so I issued county court proceedings on her behalf. Once the proceedings were instituted the defendants decided to enter settlement negotiations with us and my client was overjoyed to accept the sum of £5,000.00 as settlement for her injuries.

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