Hair Damage

Beauty treatments nowadays run the gamut from waxing and manicures and pedicures to tattooing and laser hair removal as well as cosmetic surgery. Most people, if you ask them, have undergone different kinds of beauty treatments, and some do it on a fairly regular basis. But the thing with beauty treatments is this: they aren’t without risk. In fact, some are quite risky, and the consequences of treatments gone wrong can be dire. Here’s a list of the most common types of injuries related to beauty treatments.

Burns from chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is often used to slough or scrape off the skin’s surface layers in order to reveal the smoother layers underneath. This type of treatment is often preferred by people who have scars from acne, and the therapist may make use of superficial or deep peeling chemicals depending on the scars’ severity. But due to the chemicals used for peeling, the treatment can result in burns, especially if the technician is not aptly skilled or trained.

Burns from waxing

Another common injury related to beauty treatments is burns due to waxing. Waxing, as we all know, can be done on different areas of the body, from the legs to the backs to the face and bikini area. But since hot wax is used for such a treatment, this can also result in burns or blisters or even scarring, particularly in highly sensitive areas such as the face or the bikini line.

Injury from laser hair removal

There are many people who go for laser hair removal treatments and come out happy and satisfied. But laser hair removal carries a lot of risks – not only from burns and blisters, but also from scarring and other types of injuries. Laser hair removal, if not carried out by a qualified or competent technician, can lead to too much hair being removed, hair being removed from the wrong area, skin infections, itchiness, and even psychological trauma depending on the location of the injury.

Injury from hair dyeing

Hair dyeing is one of the most common types of hair treatments available, and a lot of people go through it with highly satisfactory results. But hair dyeing can also bring about some disastrous injuries, and hair and scalp damage, such as hair loss, burns, and more. The beautician or stylist is responsible for performing a patch test or hair strand test before the procedure; if you suffer from allergies as a result, they could be found negligent.

There are other injuries related to beauty treatments, and beauty injury claims are on the rise. For best results with your claim, make sure to rely only on a good solicitor and gather as much evidence as you can.

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